Sundar V

I heard that you were angry,

I heard that you were furious,

Thousands of miles away-

You were plotting, they said.

I was tending my garden,

Trying to make ends meet,

Feeding my children- I love,

And I knew that they were wrong.

I guess you are like me,

Just wanting to live and love,

Just trying to make it through,

And I knew that they are wrong.

Does your God ask you to kill?

Does he ask you to hate me?

Does your God still talk to you?

I lost mine when the bombs fell, in your garden.

*In memory of the innocent lives lost in the middle-east and the ones that will continue to lose their lives. Posted earlier on “The Bridge”.



Sundar V

Sundar V

Sundar Venkatachalam, Ph.D. lives in Maryland. The opinions expressed are his own and do not reflect those of his employer. He is not on Twitter or Facebook.